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For any business to succeed, creating a healthy workforce is very important. Thus, hiring healthy individuals becomes the first step. Here comes Dr. Remedies Labs into action to performpre employment health checks on the individuals before they are hired.

Test Type: Blood and urine tests

However, every industry is different and demands different requirements in the employees. Hence, the packages may vary based on the industry. Other optional tests can be included in your pre employment health checks packagebased on requirement. Here are a few examples of how we are flexible enough to create a special package just for you.

Airline Industry: Chest X-Ray, Audiometry or hearing test, vision tests, and basic pathology tests

Food Industry: Typhoid, Jaundice, gastroenteritis, and tests for skin ailments

Driving Automobiles: Vision tests, hypertension, diabetes, and basic pathology tests

Basic Pre Employment Health Checks Package

Price: 1100/-

Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Urine Analysis (CUE), Random Glucose test, Blood Grouping (A,B,O) and Rh factor test

Pre-test InfoNone

Report Delivery: Same day delivery

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